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Shandong Weir(WILL)Seeds Co., Ltd.

Shandong Weir(WILL)Seeds Co., Ltd., is an international private vegetable seeds company with a registered capital of 10million yuan, which was established in 2017. And we holds famous trademarks such as “Chun chi”, “Jing feng” and “Jin cheng”.

Our company specializes in high-value vegetable seeds, tomatoes, peppers (Alstonia peppers, Screwdriver peppers, sweet peppers), eggplant, spinach, zucchinis (edible, seed-used) and other seeds which have an outstanding reputation. We have always been adhering to “high-quality products and high-quality services” business philosophy, and we also have established an “honesty-based” image among domestic and foreign counterparts and have been highly recognized by the industry. Currently our company has established good business relations with many famous professional companies and institutions all over the world, and maintains close business cooperation with hundreds of domestic and foreign enterprises and research institutes. Our company’s network of purchase and sales covers the whole country. “Chun chi”’s products and services enjoy a good reputation in the vegetable industry at home and abroad. Our company also has a group of young and experienced technical staffs to provide professional and comprehensive technical support for our customers. And our scientific research strength is the advantage of Weir seeds and a long-term development strategy of our company.

We pursues the enterprise tenet of “developing seed industry and serving agriculture”, and will unremittingly explore and develop high-quality germplasm resources, and work hand in hand with the vast number of industry peers to increase efficiency for agriculture and increase farmers' income for our country’s seed industry, which has made positive contributions.

In the 21st century, we are convinced that the "Chun chi" seed will bring the gospel to Chinese farmers. We also have the belief that the "Chun chi" seed is a bright light that lights up the rural areas of China, and using the "Chun Chi" seeds, we are committed to securing your benefits.

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