Ha Rui Si

This variety is a variety of pre-cooked processed tomato varieties. Plant dwarf self-sealing, strong branching, strong disease resistance. The plant height is about 45-60 cm, 4-5 leaves are in the first inflorescence, 3-4 inflorescences are self-sealing, 30-40 individual fruits, and the fruit weight is about 65 grams. The fruit is oval in shape, the fruit surface is smooth and evenly colored, and the fruit color is dark red and beautiful. The flesh is thick, the soluble solid content is about 5.5%, and the lycopene content is 111.8 mg/kg fresh weight. It is more resistant to cracking and storage, and has good processability. Sowing (live) to maturity of about 90-95 days, suitable for early-cultivation without stents, yielding 5000-7000 kg per mu.
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